The Center for of Group Studies provides a unique method of group training, utilizing the Ormont method. These principals and techniques are based on the theory that the group is a powerful agent of change. By understanding the dynamic theory behind these techniques, the leader is able to help group members recognize and use all feelings, including aggressive feelings, in constructive ways.

Graduates are able to utilize their new group skills by working effectively with resistances that commonly arise in groups including:
• monopolizing
• scapegoating
• silence and boredom
• lateness
• group destructive behaviors

A small part of what we do is train group therapists; we primarily train people to become group leaders in the community. What do our students and our graduates do? They work in the schools under Federal Project Liberty and AGPA grants using their group skills to help children cope with the trauma of 9/11; they work with teachers who are dealing with burnout in inner city
schools; they work with caregiver groups at the Alzheimer's Association; they help train mental health workers dealing with substance abuse; they work in public programs involving domestic violence; they work in pastoral care programs; they are members of the Health Care Chaplaincy; they work for organizations running groups for AIDS sufferers; they work in small and large businesses running groups to improve communication and much more.

The Center for Group Studies is a non-profit educational corporation operating under the aegis of the Board of Regents, The State University of New York.

About Our Founder

Louis Ormont, Ph.D., is a psychologist and psychoanalyst who has specialized in group therapy for over 45 years. He has led over 20,000 groups and is the author of 31 professional articles and several books, including the highly acclaimed The Group Therapy Experience (1992, St. Martin’s Press), and The Technique of Group Treatment (2001, Psychosocial Press).

Louis Ormont is one of the most dynamic, creative and scholarly group therapists in the world. His innovative approach is taught in a consistent and in-depth fashion at the Center for Group Studies.”
-J. Scott Rutan, Ph.D., author of Psychodynamic Group Psychotherapy.

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