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Creating a Group Flow

  • Alice Brown 107 West 82nd Street, Ste. #P103, (Lower Level) New York, NY, 10024 United States (map)

Group leaders often struggle with how to keep the group moving, particularly in the early stages and the uncomfortable feelings during periods of silence. This workshop will address various techniques that can be utilized to create and sustain a flow of connection between members that help the group evolve. Different types of bridging, encouraging transient identification and other joining techniques will be discussed and demonstrated during this didactic and experiential workshop

Participants will be able to:

.   1.       Define the technique of bridging.

2.       List 3 different types of bridging.

3.       Explain the concept of transient identification.

Date: Sunday, November 10, 2019
Time: 9:30 — 12:00PM
Instructor: Alice Brown
Location:107 West 82nd Street, Ste#. P103, New York, New York 10024 (Lower Level)
Contact Hours: 2.5
Course Code: WS Nov10, 2019
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