Question 1

Do I need to start the experiential weekend at Block 1?


No, students can register for a weekend starting at any of the Blocks 1 - 9.

Question 2

What does the tuition for the weekend pay for?


Each weekend consists of five psychodynamic process groups, two lectures and/or workshops, a supervision group and a training group.

Question 3

What does the tuition for the Reading Program include?


A student works collaboratively with an assigned mentor for four contact hours, addressing 16 readings which focus on the history and techniques in Modern Group.

Question 4

When can I start the Reading Program?


Any time. All students start the Reading Program with Block 1.

Question 5

When can I start the Supervision segment?


A student must have completed three of the Weekend Training Program weekends and Reading Program Blocks 1-3 before starting the Supervision segment.

Question 6

How long does it take to complete the program?


No fewer than three years.

Question 7

Who is this training designed for?

The training is designed for anyone interested in or who run groups in their daily work. This has included therapists (psychotherapists, marriage and family, creative arts ...), educators, pastoral counselors, business people and community organizers.



From which programs can I earn continuing education contact hours?

Question 8

The Weekend Training Program (WTP) weekends and Workshops are approved by New York State to offer CE hours for Creative Arts Therapists, Marriage and Family Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, Psychoanalysts and Social Workers. APA offers continuing educations hours for Psychologists for the WTP weekends. CMEs are available for Physicians for the WTP weekends.




 Can I earn CE hours for the Reading and Supervision programs.

Question 9

No, only for the weekends and workshops.


If I am licensed in two of the NYS mental health disciplines, can I earn CE hours in both for the same weekend or workshop?

Question 10



Do I need to be a mental health practitioner to take this training?

Question 11

No. Our trainings are open to those interested in or currently running groups.


How do I join a group?

Question 12

We do not arrange for therapy or training groups. Students make private arrangements following the guidelines in the Code of Conduct.


How do I "start" a Weekend Training Program weekend, Reading Program and/or Supervision Program?

Question 13

First step is to complete a registration form, found on this site, and submit it to the Center for Group Studies office. You may contact the office by phone or email for any questions prior to registering.



What do I need to earn my CGP from AGPA?

Question 14  

The Center courses are approved towards partial fulfillment for the CGP. Contact AGPA for additional information and requirements.


Can I get a license after this training?

Question 15

The Center for Studies is not a license qualifying program. It offers a Certificate of Completion in Group Leadership. Licenses are governed by the NYS Office of the Professions and it is suggested that students contact that office for more information on licensing requirements.


Question 16             How do I arrange for my graduation weekend, after I finish my training requirements?

Answer                      When a student is ready to graduate, she/he needs to call the Center to confirm that all paperwork for                                   theWeekends, Reading Blocks and Supervision Units has been completed.  If yes, the Board of                                                Directors will review the request and give its approval to award the Certificate of Completion.                                              Graduation will be scheduled for the next available weekend.

                                  At the Student/Faculty meeting, the graduate will be presented by the Board president and invited                                        to speak.  A Certificate of Completion will be awarded.