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The Center for Group Studies (CGS) was founded in 1989 to provide group leadership for professionals in the fields of mental health, business, education, religion and the arts. The programs are designed around the principles and techniques of Louis R. Ormont, Ph.D. Dr. Ormont was an international leader in modern analytic group therapy. Our training programs offer a dynamic and practical education that prepares for the exciting challenges that leading groups entails.

CGS is a free standing training program in Group Leadership based in New York City. We offer a psychodynamically oriented understanding and experience in working with groups wherever they occur—hospitals, schools, business settings, clinics, pastoral care settings, agencies etc. Our unique training offers a weekend program which meets three times a year, completion of which leads to a Certificate in Modern Group Leadership. We also offer workshops which meet both in person and online throughout the year.

Our outstanding faculty offer training and supervision both during our weekends and local/online programs. 


Weekend Training Program


This program provides training in modern group process: an integration of traditional methods and modern techniques developed by Dr. Louis Ormont, a licensed psychologist with over 40 years of experience leading groups. Our approach is psychodynamic and interactive with particular emphasis on interventions for difficult and pre-oedipal personalities.

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These four workshops introduce foundational concepts in working with groups and follow a modern group leadership framework. Participants may register for each singly or for all four.

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